Started with the base of the 1964 Boston Bruins home jersey, to reflect the year Gord Downie was born and his favourite team, said Justin Chenier, the Frontenacs director of business operations, in a statement. Added The Tragically Hip logo wordmark from their 2011 concert at Bobcaygeon as the main logo on the front of the jersey, and their signature wordmark on the back. The background of the jersey is the name of every album and song recorded and released by the band, from their self titled 1987 debut to 2016 Man Machine Poem..

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For me working at WAAY 31 isn’t about being on TV, it’s about connecting with people, sharing their stories, and being a part of this great community. I am a hometown girl, living my dream of helping people right where I grew up. I also love my amazing WAAY 31 family!.

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Air travel means spending time in security lines and airport terminals, which puts you into close contact with other people. As travel slowly recovers, planes are becoming more crowded, which means you will likely sit close to other people, often for hours, which raises your risk. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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