The 6’0, 181lbs Annapolis, MD native spent the prior 3 seasons (2015 2018) playing NCAA D1 for Lake Superior State University before finishing his collegiate career with Merrimack. In total, McArdle skated in 116 career NCAA D1 games, posting 11 total points and 93 penalty minutes. Prior to that, McArdle skated 2 season’s in the United States Hockey League (USHL) between 3 teams, the Muskegon Lumberjacks, Fargo Force, and Sioux City Musketeers, playing a combined 86 USHL contests, posting 11 points and 74 PIMS.

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States and cities across the country have started slicing into budgets crafted during flush economic times, laying off workers and delaying major infrastructure projects in a dash to balance the books. The economic standstill created to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus sent tax revenue nationwide into a nosedive at the same time governments have ramped up spending on the pandemic response. The recent resurgence of coronavirus cases across the South and West have further muddied hope for a prompt economic turnaround.

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Other thing that I would say was that 90 percent of the contributions to the ideas and the consummation of the plan was Canadian, notes the 88 year old. Movie gives almost full credit to the American CIA. And with that exception, the movie very good.

AMC closed all of its theaters on March 17 because of the pandemic, and the shutdown has taken a massive toll on its business. Earlier this month, the theater chain said it had “substantial doubt” about its ability to remain in business following the closures. The company reported a net loss of $2.17 billion in its first quarter..

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