Let them teach you how to successfully budget. It doesn’t matter the size of your paycheck. Hyperinflation, if it happens, can eat you up so fast you won’t have time to react and prepare. 5. Hakeem Olajuwon: 1,238 career games played, 2 NBA titles; NBA 8th all time scoring leader with 26,946 career points; NBA 11th all time rebound leader with 13,748; NBA all time blocked shots leader with 3,830 blocks; NBA 7th all time steals leader with 2,162; NBA 150th all time assist leader with 3,058; Began his career with Ralph Sampson as half of their “Twin Towers”. Olajuwon won back to back titles with Houston in 1994 1995, defeating Patrick Ewing’s Knicks and Shaquille O’Neal’s Magic, respectively.

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