The reality, however, is that mascots have a very important role in their communities. Aside from attending games, where yes, they can be annoying, they also take part in community events, such as going to schools and charity fundraisers. Some mascots will even put on dangerous stunts, like jumping off of arenas, to entertain their fans..

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The French were taken completely by surprise when the Ute Indians started to attack. The Commander of the expedition immediately ordered the gold to be hidden and buried in three different locations. He also tasked his map maker to make two maps in regards to re locating the golden treasure so it could be retrieved later..

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According to records, of the 11 surviving 18th and early 19th century windmills on Long Island, the Gardiner Island Windmill is one of the least altered. The mill is one of 4 extant windmills built by Nathaniel Dominy V, a prominent East Hampton craftsman. Dominy rebuilt the mill in 1815, and the work of that date is some of the most advanced millwriting technology found in a Long Island windmill..

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“We were young and full of ideas. While it didn’t last long, we have nothing but good memories,” says Atsidakos, who says he hasn’t stepped foot in a John Anderson Hamburgers in a very long time because of his work schedule. “I thought we could do the same thing as Tim Hortons.

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