On Friday, Jan. 18, the auto show will host the charity preview, which they say is the “largest annual, single night fundraiser in the world.” The black tie event helps raise money for several charities across metro Detroit. Tickets are $400 each, $390 of which is tax deductible.

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We don’t just use the creamy white dressing for our vegetables. Oh, no. We use it as a dip for our pizza, wings, chips, cheese curds and egg rolls; as a marinade for meats to throw on the grill; and as a topping for nachos, burgers, wraps, sandwiches and potato skins.

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Law enforcement saw many dogs dogs in multiple makeshift kennels throughout the property. The kennels were not suitable for the dogs to live in. Garbage was piled against the kennels, in the kennels, and on the ground spread out across the property.

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